31 July – 3 August 2023

3rd International Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress

Welcome to the Molecular Cancer Research Association (MOKAD)

Dear Cancer Researchers,

As a good news, it is time to announce a new MOKAD Congress. Unlike the other traditional MOKAD meetings, this time most of the program is composed of oral presentations (10 minutes) and short talks (15 minutes) by young researchers. Additionally, only internationally recognized foreign speakers are invited for lectures. Another difference is the venue of the congress. This time, the sessions will partly be made in the open air in Bolu district, one of the most beautiful landscapes of TÜRKİYE.
The main theme of the congress is the clinician-basic scientist interaction. We, as basic cancer researchers, will discuss how to find solutions to problems that are faced in the routine life of the clinics. MOKAD (Molecular Cancer Research Society in Türkiye) believes that the successful development of any scientific area or, even a country, relies on multi- and interdisciplinary approaches. Therefore, the interaction of young researchers with experienced professionals (basic scientists or clinicians) will take place at the “talk to expert” sessions.
Twenty graduated students will again be provided with scholarship in this congress. As everybody knows that MOKAD always organizes reasonably priced congresses. So, this applies to this congress, too. This time the cost is so low that anyone can come with their tent for accommodation. The social program that includes a variety of outdoor activities and events will play a key role in ensuring the development of new collaborations for future projects. Classic MOKAD awards will again be given to the successful applicants.
We happily state that we are honored to invite you to the congress that will be held in the Bolu/Mengen district, which is the nature paradise of our country, and we wish that it will be a congress in which our knowledge on cancer research will be updated and new collaborations established.

Hope to meet up at the congress.